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"You can't let your independence and your ability to take care of yourself be the dominant factor of who you are," he says. ' Just like you're saying it, you're projecting it. Sex, or "the cookie" as Steve calls it in his book, is a major point of contention for many couples. If you've got everything, you can do everything, you've got your own car ... Instead, he says strong women have to walk a thin line. Move on with your life." How important is sex in a relationship?Wives must enter into their marriages with their own set of rules to stand a chance. "You have to start saying: 'Hey, look, you have to respect me.You have to be here to show your son how a man treats a woman.

He won’t just take your cookie, he will pay the value of love for that cookie!

All you've got to do is stay patient." Why do many successful, independent women have a hard time finding love?

Before Jill married her husband of 13 years, she says she knew he was a mama's boy.

A man says his friend is too nice and allows men to get away with bad behavior; "Travel Mom" Emily Kaufman stops by with tips on getting the best winter vacation deals; communities mentor black and Hispanic youth; a 4-year-old internet sensation.

As an auto plant worker, Steve says he had to wait 90 days to receive benefits — and says the same probation period should apply to dating. They determined if I was easy to work with, if I got along well with others, if I showed up when I said I was going to show up, if I was worthy.” Women, Steve says, hold the greatest benefit of all — the cookie — so there’s no reason to give it away until you know your man deserves it. “Look, you cannot run us off.” Steve Harvey’s Sex Advice Ladies, please listen to what Steve Harvey says about giving your cookie.

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