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They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.

The story centers around a man and a woman, whose fates are intertwined and will change forever.

The original purpose of the mug shot was to allow law enforcement to have a photographic record of an arrested individual to allow for identification purposes by victims, the public and investigators.

However, in the United States entrepreneurs have recently begun to exploit the mug shot for commercial gains via the mug shot publishing industry.

Charlize, as beautiful as always, made Sara strong and weak at the same time.

The great supporting role of drag queen Chaz Watley by Jason Isaacs. This is the only movie that made me cry and that's why I ranked him with the highest mark.

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A lonely doctor, who once occupied an unusual lakeside house, begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect.

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She promises to leave him alone only if he gives her a ride.

Later that night, she asks him to live with her throughout November on the promise that his life will change for the better. On the first day of November, after being fired and dumped on the very same day, Nelson decides to give it a try and then somehow, agrees to spend the whole month with Sara and finds himself in a desperate love affair that he will remember for ...

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