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She locks herself in the bathroom and attempts suicide by overdosing with pills, unbeknownst to her father, who's still at home.

A panicked call from Lynn leads Will to search the house for a semi-conscious Annie.

The assaulted man chooses not to press charges for fear that he will be outed as a sex offender to his family.

Will apologizes to the man but Annie feels humiliated.

A friend of mine wanted to give me a fantasy night.

I came home to roses sprinkled all over my bed, a bath ready, and soft music filling my room.

Annie is cold towards Friedman at first, but quickly begins to express her need to be loved and validated.

It's at this point that Annie's so-called "love" for Charlie is obstructing her view of what really transpired on the day that they met.

Annie's father, Will, starts his own investigation, by taking up the services of a private investigation firm in New Jersey and even stealing a collection of his daughter's chat conversations with Charlie from the FBI.

The private investigation proves fruitless, as it is discovered Charlie masks his IP address so his location shows up as the Czech Republic.

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