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Franz Ferdinand began to visit Archduke Friedrich's villa in Pressburg (now Bratislava).Sophie wrote to Franz Ferdinand during his convalescence from tuberculosis on the island of Lošinj in the Adriatic.Despite this burden, he did manage to find time for travel and personal pursuits, such as the time he spent hunting kangaroos and emus in Australia in 1893, Franz Ferdinand, like most males in the ruling Habsburg line, entered the Austro-Hungarian Army at a young age.He was frequently and rapidly promoted, given the rank of lieutenant at age fourteen, captain at twenty-two, colonel at twenty-seven, and major general at thirty-one.They kept their relationship a secret for more than two years.Deeply in love, Franz Ferdinand refused to consider marrying anyone else.The Choteks were not one of these families, although they did include among their ancestors, in the female line, princes of Baden, Hohenzollern-Hechingen, and Liechtenstein.One of Sophie's direct ancestors was Albert IV, Count of Habsburg; she was descended from Elisabeth of Habsburg, a sister of King Rudolph I of Germany.

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She would not be allowed to ride in the royal carriage or sit in the royal box in theaters.

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In 1898 he was given a commission "at the special disposition of His Majesty" to make inquiries into all aspects of the military services and military agencies were commanded to share their papers with him.

He exerted influence on the armed forces even when he did not hold a specific command through a military chancery that produced and received documents and papers on military affairs.

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