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COX‘S BAZAR, Bangladesh (Reuters) - Adjida kicked and screamed when the rough and dirty hands of the masked soldier moved up her legs and ripped off her clothes.

The 13-year-old pleaded with him to stop when he climbed on top of her, a gun in one hand, removed his pants with the other, and raped her.

One Rakhine Buddhist explained his fear of Muslims from a nearby village: “If they come we will kill them or they will kill us.” Political and moral authorities did little to control the violence.

Suu Kyi, who is now the country’s de facto leader, steadfastly evaded questions on the bloodshed, which, as Wade argues, meant “she and her party were complicit in fueling the mentality” that led to the debasement of the Rohingya.

During the former, Socialist ideology, not zealous promotion of Buddhist, gave rise to the laws and attitudes that led to the “othering” of the Rohingya and the eventual emergence of widespread Islamophobia.

Wade’s readable explanation of the creation of the enemy within may be incomplete, but his work remains bold and brave in its attempt to tell a story of Buddhist rage in Myanmar.

Aid agencies have set up safe spaces in Kutupalong camp - colorful rooms or outside areas - where women and children who are victims of sexual assault can find counseling and support.

She tried to run into the surrounding jungle, but was captured by a soldier.Almost overnight, “the importance of the nationalist cause had outflanked that of the democratic cause,” for many Buddhists, Wade writes.Inter-communal, mostly anti-Muslim violence soon spread to other towns, led by monks and gangs of thugs, the latter usually described to Wade by victims as “outsiders” to the communities affected.“I felt the pain when he penetrated me and all I could think about was my lost virginity. I am an outcast now and will never find a husband,” said the teenager, a Rohingya Muslim.Her home was torched in the attack in Kawarbil village six weeks ago by Myanmar army soldiers, she said, and she and her sister fled with other villagers across the border to Bangladesh.

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