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“People are buying appliances and fixtures that use a lot less water…

So you have no growth in customer base and a decline per capita in consumption.” The solution is for utilities to receive grants or borrow money to cover infrastructure maintenance and operations, said Goodmann.

Division of Water Director Peter Goodmann told the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment yesterday that over 58,700 miles of the state’s drinking water lines are an average of 38 years old with 16 percent of those lines dating back 50 years or more.

“Many systems are selling 18 – 20 percent less water than they used to,” Goodmann told the committee.

Borrowing would require more utilities to increase their rates, which he said could lead to annual water utility rate increases of six to 10 percent over the next 10 years.

At the same time, he said Kentucky counties have received more road aid than they needed in recent funding cycles.

Of all the great food options in Kentucky, there’s one in particular that residents of the Bluegrass state apparently hate more than the rest. That’s right, the popular dip or spread made from a blend of chickpeas or sesame seed paste is Kentucky’s most-hated food, according to the dating app Hater (no really, that’s a thing).

Hummus, long a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, continues to gain popularity throughout the country.

With prompting from Jones, Goodman said the state may ask the Corps of Engineers to help place some device in the area of the Levisa Fork to catch trash traveling into Fishtrap.

From a state agency standpoint, Goodmann said Kentucky has been successful not just at providing access to drinking water but also in reaching compliance with health standards.

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