Cost of updating a kitchen

Whether your kitchen costs ,000 or ,000, the quality of construction will make the difference between a kitchen you’ll love to work in and one that’s a nuisance every time you open a drawer or door.

If you’re thinking of having a new kitchen installed, you’re probably already reeling at the potential expense.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, the price of your kitchen will make a difference.

Even if you are able to afford the most expensive materials and appliances, is it always the wise thing to do, though? Those high gloss two-pack polyurethane doors will look fantastic when they’re installed, but if you have children running around the kitchen, they won’t look as good after they have a few scratches in them.

Australia-wide, the average cost of kitchen renovations is around ,000, but in Sydney, the average cost of a basic kitchen renovation is approximately ,000 and a standard kitchen costs close to ,000.

Pricing your kitchen Given the wide range of prices, how do you choose a kitchen you’ll enjoy without breaking the bank?

The overall plumbing cost is the total plumbing labour charge plus the cost of all plumbing parts, fixtures and fittings.

A better question might be: “What is the range of costs for a new kitchen?

” This way, you can buy a kitchen that fits the area you have to cover and your budget, too.

Kitchen installation costs and charges can be calculated by using the tables below .

Quotes for additional work should be requested as and when needed but prior to the commencement of the additional work Calculate overall installation and fitting costs of kitchen units cabinets and cupboards by adding the cost per, unit, decor end panels, custom made carcases, doors and fronts as required from the table below with the cost of the fixtures and fittings.

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