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Square footage varies, but the space typically includes a bedroom, living area, kitchen, bathroom and separate entrance.Types of ADUs include the garage conversion, over-garage apartment, basement renovation, room addition, attic remodel, detached backyard cottage and "carve-out." The carve-out is when you stay within the existing footprint of your home and simply repurpose several main-floor rooms into a remodeled suite.I decided to back into a corner and make notes while Shiloh, who was thirty-years younger than anyone else at the party, flirted with Suzanne’s divorced daughter, Leslie, and a billionairess widow lady who financed many of the civic organizations around Palm Springs.Barry Manilow, who remembered me from my gallery days, wanted to talk about the treasure.Then Suzanne introduced us to a few of her friends: a dashing shipping magnate who wore a white hat and a matching white tie.He owned three, 300’ long ocean freighters; a slight, soft-spoken man who recently stepped down from a job making 0.000.000 a year running Occidental Petroleum; and a guy who sold Google one of the three city blocks he owned in downtown Seattle.

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Concerns about ADUs include limited parking, over-occupancy, excessive noise, loss of privacy, increased alley maintenance and architectural incompatibility.

The most common reasons, however, are economic, housing family members or a combination of the two. They also offer important housing options to the enormous baby boomer population.

Some boomers want to care for elderly parents at home rather than send them to costly care-giving facilities.

Given all that, can you actually build something like this in Larimer County?

In Fort Collins, some ADUs are allowed, but the fees are hefty and sometimes cost-prohibitive.

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